Champions for Climate Action: The NDC Partnership

November 14, 2017 | COP 23 | Bonn, Germany

The global NDC partnership celebrated its one-year anniversary at the COP23 UN Climate Change Conference. The NDC partnership helps emerging and developing countries translate the requirements set out Paris Climate Agreement into national climate plans known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

More than 30 ministers from member states and high-ranking representatives of international organisations joined the around 230 guests who attended the event held at Deutsche Welle. It was jointly organised by the GIZ’s Development Policy Forum and the Partnership’s secretariat. NDC partnership co-chairs Germany and Morocco issued the invitations.

Achim Steiner, head of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), described the NDC Partnership as a central component in the concerted effort to tackle the consequences of climate change, adding "there are more than 800 projects worldwide."

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks stressed the need to mainstream environmental and development policy to protect the climate. She called on private donors to up their commitment to the fight against climate change.

Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Thomas Silberhorn endorsed Hendricks call to action, adding, "The people who suffer most from climate change are those who are the least able to defend themselves. That is why we offer comprehensive support to developing countries in combating climate change, and work to derive tailor-made solutions for each individual country, for example. The NDC partnership provides an ideal framework."

The German ministries of the environment and development work closely together as part of the NDC Partnership. Industrialised countries and multilateral institutions help emerging and developing countries achieve their climate contributions and bring them into line with their national development goals. They facilitate access to appropriate financing and technical assistance. The members are also involved in the exchange of knowledge and experience on climate protection and adaptation measures.

According to State Secretary Silberhorn, the BMZ has earmarked an addition 31 million euros for short-term support under aegis of the NDC Partnership. The World Bank, UNDP, GIZ and the Partnership's secretariat will coordinate the funds. Silberhorn added that the BMZ was working with the United Kingdom, Australia and others to secure start-up financing for the NDC hub in the Pacific.

At the event, the Asian and Caribbean development banks announced their accession to the NDC Partnership. Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine stressed the importance of the Partnership for her country, whose continued existence is threatened by climate change. Fijian Prime Minister and COP23 President Frank Bainimarama announced the establishment of a regional NDC implementation platform in the Pacific ("Regional Pacific NDC Hub") as part of the Partnership.

Picture above: Photo: Jens Heine

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